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Tucsen ExFocus Microscope Adapter

CODE: Exfocus


The Tucsen Exfocus Microscope Adapter provides excellent intermediate optics for connecting C-mount cameras to microscopes.  The Exfocus adapter is available with a 0.5X or 0.66X reducing lens, and comes with your choice of microscope adapter head (Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus or Leica).  These options allow you to match your camera sensor format to the desired field of view on your microscope. 

When ordering, please choose the desired magnification and the manufacturer of your microscope.   


  • Enlarges Field of View
  • Parfocal design ensures images remain in focus during objective changes and focal adjustments
  • Aberration correction system improves clarity and definition of the field of view
  • Independent chromatic aberration correction ensures accurate color reproduction
  • Lens' broadband multilayer coatings markedly improve transmission efficiency and enhance contrast
  • Easy to switch to different microscopes with the use of appropriate adapter

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