Tamron 23FM25-L
Tamron 23FM25-L 2/3" 25mm F/1.6 High Resol...


Tamron 23FM50-L
Tamron 23FM50-L 2/3" 50mm F/2.8 High Resol...


Tamron 23FM35-L
Tamron 23FM35-L 2/3" 35mm F/2.1 High Resol...


Tamron 23FM75-L
Tamron 23FM75-L 2/3" 75mm F/3.9 High Resol...


Tamron 23FM08-L
Tamron 23FM08-L 2/3" 8mm F/1.4 High Resolu...


Tamron 23FM12-L
Tamron 23FM12-L 2/3" 12mm F/1.8 High Resol...


Tamron 23FM16-L
Tamron 23FM16-L 2/3" 16mm F/1.4 High Resol...


4-8mm Megapixel Varifocal Lens, H2Z0414C-MP (C-Mount)
H2Z0414C-MP: 4-8mm Megapixel Varifocal Lens


35mm Megapixel Computar Lens, 2/3-inch Format, M3520-MPW2
M3520-MPW2: 35mm Megapixel Computar Lens


4.5mm to 13.2mm Megapixel Computar Lens, 1/2-inch Format, H3Z4518CS-MPIR
H3Z4518CS-MPIR: 4.5mm to 13.2mm Megapixel ...

[Product may be available in limited quantities. Contact us for price/availability.]

25-135mm F/1.8 Megapixel HD Computar Lens, 1/2-inch Format, H5Z2518C-MP
H5Z2518C-MP: 25-135mm F/1.8 Megapixel HD C...


H0514-MP2: 5.0mm Megapixel Computar Lens