Toshiba IK-TP5P2
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Toshiba IK-TF5P2 3-CCD Camera



The Toshiba IK-TP5P2 is a second generation one-piece progressive scan 3-CDD camera intended for numbers applications which require high resolution, accurate colors, and fast moving objects. 

The TF5P2 features highly advanced electronic noise reduction and electronic shutter.  It also offers the convenience of Power over Camera Link (PoCL), which removes the need for an external power supply.   The reduced power requirements of 3.2W are significantly better than the 4.3W of the previous generation camera (IK-TF5).

The TF5P2 is 44mm x 44mm x 78mm, weights only 165 grams (0.36 lbs) and outputs VGA resolution (659 x 494) at 60 fps.  It will also out a partial scan (100 lines) up to 250 fps and numerous scan rates in between.


  • 3CCD Progressive Scan
  • 659 x 494 @ 59.94 fps
  • Compact one-piece configuration
  • Digital Output - Camera Link®
  • Electronic Shutter - Manual or Auto
  • Electronic noise reduction
  • Partial Scanning to increase frame rate- up to 250 fps
  • White Balance - Manual or Auto
  • Dual power input - PoCL® or 12VDC
  • C-Mount lens mount
  • On-screen and RS-232 setup

Note:  Lens not included

Scanning System Progressive  
Image Sensor 3 x 1/3" CCD, RGB prism  
Effective Pixels VGA (659 x 494)  
Output Resolution H 659 x V 494  
Pixel size 7.4µm x 7.4µm  
Sensing Area H V 4.9 x 3.7 mm  
Frame Rate 59.94fps  
Partial Scanning 250fps (100 lines)
199fps (134 lines)
174fps (158 lines)
126fps (230 lines)
121fps (240 lines)
93fps (324 lines)
Off (59.94) (494 lines)
Binning Off, On, Ext On  
Pixel Clock Frequency 24.5454 MHz  
Sync Signal Frequency H 31.469 kHz V 59.94 kHz  
Horizontal Resolution 480 TV Lines  
Output Signal 8 bit Digital RGB Camera Link®  
Sync Signal Output FVAL/LVAL/DVAL (positive polarity) Pixel Clock  
External Sync Input HD: CC3 VD: CC4 (LVDS input) Neg polarity  
External Trigger Input CC1 (LVDS input) More than 2µs pulse width  
Partial Scanning Control CC2 (LVDS input)  
S/N Ratio 62 dB Standard (G)  
Sensitivity F6.8 Standard (2,000 Lux, 3,000K)  
Noise Reduction On / Off  
Minimum Illumination 14 Lx (f2.2 +18dB, 3,000K)  
Lens Mount C-Mount flange back 17.526mm in air  
Ambient Temperature 0° C - 40° C (32° F° - 104° F)  
Ambient Humidity Less than 90%  
Input Power 12 VDC±10% PoCL® or DC Connector  
Interface Serial data interface TC(RXD) TFG(TXD)  
Power Consumption Approx 3.2W Normal Approx
3.4W Partial Scan
Dimensions W H D 44 x 44 x 78 mm 1.73 x 1.73 x 3.07"  
Weight 158g (0.35 lbs)  
Class FCC Class A, CE  




White Balance AWB, Manual  
Gain Manual (0 to 18 dB), Off (0dB)  
Electronic Shutter Manual (1/100 to 1/100,000 sec) Synchro Scan
(1-512 Frames)
Gamma Correction On/ Off

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